It's Pronounced "Flen-Jee"

I'm a Creative Strategist

Making shit matter - this is my job description wrapped up into one phrase. Today, this is no easy task...but I love the challenge. My child-like curiosity coupled with my ability to see things a little differently makes me a natural creative problem solver.

Capabilities: Research; Insight Articulation; Presentation; Creative Writing; Theory; Concept Brainstorming

I'm a Human

Just like you, I'm a living, breathing human. While I've lived in 6 different states, I've done most of my growing up in antique stores and retirement homes all across the lower 48. And I believe that my unique human experience has forged me into the strategist I am today.

Capabilities: Reading; Basic Math; Tying Shoelaces; Paying Taxes; Operating a Motor Vehicle

My Philosophy


I believe that in order to be interesting, we must first be interested. Being observant and passionate project after project is a vital component for a strategist to possess; this is the fuel that powers everything I do.


The ability to see the world through another person's lens is a powerful tool to have when studying human behavior. Whether I'm profiling an audience or pitching with a teammate, I never forget this is a people-first industry.


Simply put: process restricts creativity. This is why I believe that we need to sprinkle a little messiness into the creative mix. By adding chaos, we can create things we never thought imaginable. 

Wow! Real-World Experience!


Freelance Strategist

Sept. 2018 - Present

Los Angeles, CA


Freelance Assistant Strategist

Sept. 2017 - April 2018

Seattle, WA


Strategy Intern

January 2017 - March 2017

Pittsburgh, PA

Educated, Too? Damn.

Miami Ad School-San Francisco

Account Planning Bootcamp

Summer 2017

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Bachelor's of Journalism

Advertising & Public Relations Major

Specializations: English, Business & History

August 2012 - August 2016


"You look like Chris Pratt's cousin."

- Tracy Wong, Founder & Chairman @ Wongdoody

"Who are you?!"

- Rich Silverstein, Co-Founder @ Goodby Silverstein & Partners