The Scoop

Break the internet? Sure, sounds easy enough.

This is what GoDaddy asked of WONGDOODY during the pitch process for a potential Super Bowl spot. Except this time, the perennial Super Bowl advertiser wanted to avoid the $5 million price tag and focus solely on taking over the online conversation. 

Not a weird change, considering GoDaddy has made plenty of changes recently as a company and as a brand. Gone are the days of Danica and scantily clad models. They've created their own website builder (GoCentral) and are now the champions of independent achievement - and they want they world to know.

The Brief


How do we show people is their gateway to achieving independence? 


The Side-Hustler: 50% of millennials have a side hustle. Not surprising, considering an unforgiving market and an extra $258 each month on average. But there's more to the side hustle than supplemental income, it's "a hedge against feeling stuck and dull and cheated by life." Not to mention, 52% of side-hustlers actually hope it can become their main hustle someday. A side hustle isn't just something you do, it's the answer to the age-old question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"


Your side hustle is who you are


GoDaddy helps your side hustle grow up

The Idea


For 98% of us, there's what we do...and there's what we'd do if we could do anything we wanted. The body's in the cubicle. The heart's in the pottery studio. Or garage. Or food truck.

Hence, the side hustle - dipping a toe into that dream job. Letting happiness live along the edges of responsibility.

GoDaddy lives to help this sea of side-hustlers take their dreams up a notch. Get serious. Go legit. With the tools, advice and push they need to create a polished, powerful web presence. And turn that side hustle into something way bigger. A GoHustle.

Super Bowl Brands

To take over the conversation around the Big Game, we created GoHustle businesses for perennial Super Bowl advertisers, and we'll tweet after their commercials air to highlight their lesser known dreams. 



Tweet at Doritos after their spot airs to drive traffic to

It turns out Doritos chips have an artistic side.



Promoted tweet to drive traffic to

Who knew those horses were such party animals.

Beyond the Brands

We'll also share the GoHustles of everyone (and thing) surrounding the Big Game, and announce them in real time as the game plays out.

Penalty Flags


Penalty flags aspire to do much more than get thrown around a football field.

The site displays fashionable yellow ponchos that people can actually buy (for appropriate sized pets, of course).

Punter Sponsorship

Media Week Teaser

We'll partner with one of the teams punters who will promote his GoHustle throughout Media Week.

This GoHustle features P90X-style workout videos of the punter's high-energy, punt-based workout routine.

And So Much More

Yep, even the chain crew is GoHustle-ing!

Reporting talent this special shouldn't be restricted to the sidelines.

Jordan Peele plugs his own GoHustle on the red carpet.

For Mother's Day, GoDaddy launches its very own GoHustle: provides tools, advice and encouragement to help busy moms start their own passion-driven ventures.


Monkey Watson - Creative Director

Matt McCain - Freelance Copywriter

Lori Hicks - Associate Strategy Director

Karrie Gaylord - Freelance Digital Strategist

Brent Flentje - Assistant Strategist