The Scoop

Bring relevance back to a brand known for being irrelevant? Not the easiest task, so for this one, I went to the experts: my parents. With boxes and boxes of old (often low-quality) family photos in our basement, I knew there had to be a reason why my parents kept them all these years. 

"Physical photos are more irreplaceable than digital ones."

This quote from my mom is what got the wheels turning for our strategy. Kodak has to show a new generation of parents what made photography special to begin with: keeping memories alive.

The Brief


How can Kodak make photographs special again?


The New Millennial Family: Millennials are taking more pictures than ever, but when this segment enters parenthood, they start to post twice as many photos to social media. The more they rely on their devices to remember things for them, the more their memories will be impaired, even though many of them think the opposite. The pure volume and disorganization of their digital photos actually discourages them from reminiscing upon their memories - a big reason why they take so many pictures to begin with.


Parents take pictures to preserve family memories, but bury them into the digital graveyard


Kodak brings memories to life

The Idea

For the Memory Makers

From a simple strategy comes an effective solution: For the Memory Makers.

An annual event in which for the entire day, Kodak covers the cost of entry to national parks and museums for families across the country. The catch? Everyone must swap in their phones for Kodak disposable cameras; helping families focus less on their timelines, and more on their memories.



Miami Ad School

Alyssa Lee - Art Director

Cody Turk - Copywriter

Brent Flentje - Account Planner