LiftMaster & Chamberlain

The Scoop

If you're unfamiliar with these brands, you'd be surprised to find out that you might interact with them multiple times per day - depending if park your car in a garage. 

Yes, I'm talking about the exciting product category of garage door openers. LiftMaster, and their sister company Chamberlain, issued a request for proposal, to which our agency answered the call. 

My part in all this? Well, I got the chance to put my Simmons skills to the test by crafting DIY (do it yourself) and DIFM (do it for me) audience profiles, to show LiftMaster we know our stuff about the home enrichment category. 

Agency: Brunner


DIFM Audience Profile

Meet Suzanne,

A 56-year-old mother of two, she works as an independent real estate agent. The thought of retirement is frightening to her because she has no idea what she could possibly do with all of that free time. With the kids out of the house, Suzanne has shifted her focus to her real estate practice to fill the void (although it could never give her the same sense of purpose parenthood did). It's a good fit for Suzanne because it gives her the control over her schedule she desires, and she knows exactly how she likes to spend her time. Not to mention she loves driving from house to house in her new Cadillac SUV.

Suzanne loves to read: she uses books, magazines, and newspapers for her news, trends, and entertainment. But when she needs to find a quick answer, like how to replace her crummy 17-year-old garage door opener, she'll almost always turn to the internet. It's her go-to because she's able to compare products, read reviews, and connect with local dealers so that she's as informed as possible, and knows she's making the right choice. It's a good outlet for Suzanne to find the best installer she can get, because when she wants something done, she wants it done right.


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DIY Audience Profile

Shaun has just started to hit his stride,

He and his wife of two years are new homeowners and soon-to-be new parents. They managed to close on a charming 2-story Tudor home just under asking price. While their home may be new to them, it's actually been standing for a little over 68 years, and it is a bit of a fixer upper. But Shaun couldn't be more excited; he's been looking forward to owning his first house for some time now, and he is ready to make it a home. Shaun has been using his time over the weekends to work on the nursery; he is fairly handy, but he is a bit of a perfectionist, so the only thing holding him back from finishing the project is himself.

Shaun wants to have his friends over to help break in the new place at some point, but he wants his new home to be complete before he shows it off to company. There are many problems with the old house he has yet to fix, but none are probably more of an annoyance to Shaun than the creaky garage door. Every time Shaun uses the opener, he feels as if the entire neighborhood can hear it. He and his wife had recently joined the neighborhood's Facebook page, so Shaun asks if anyone has installed a new garage door opener recently. His neighbor a few doors down installed a Chamberlain opener himself just last year, and he provides Shaun a link to their website.


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