Michael Kors

The Scoop

Fashion is all about image, and if I may speak plainly, Michael Kors has lost theirs. I knew we had to choose a clear direction for the brand to express its smart, sporty, and business point of view. While the brand understands businessmen in its product offerings - duffel bags, sporty/business/casual clothes - Michael Kors women's offering seem more like what you might see on the runway. 

This got me thinking, do women want to feel like runway models in the workplace? After plenty of digging and several interviews, the answer was a resounding "no."

The Brief


Where in the fashion world can Michael Kors express its POV?


The Lady Boss - Women own close to 10 Million small businesses in the U.S. - and if that's not enough of a reason to believe in this segment - in the 5 years after the recession, new businesses increased 2% overall, while female-owned new business increased 27%. This marketshare-stealing audience is mentally sharp, and is always representing the brands of their businesses, "What I wear says more about me than my LinkedIn profile."


Female business owners treat what they wear like a business card


Michael Kors gives female business owners their edge to conquer the business world

The Idea


Michael Kors Ascend - a business grant for female business owners.

In an annual "Shark Tank" style pitch competition, female new business owners compete for a $20,000 grant. We give each competitor their own personal dressing room, allowing them to choose Michael Kors clothes/accessories that could give them the edge they need to pitch.


Targeting business leaders where commerce moves


Forbes landing page take-over

Miami Ad School

Thomas Nguyen - Art Director

Connie Chweh - Copywriter

Brent Flentje - Account Planner